This was my first completed quilt.  I took a class at the local quilt shop.  The ladies there helped me pick the fabric.  Being a newbie, I thought, well I guess they know what they doing, but man I sure don’t like this combination.  Each individual fabric was great but together ewwww!!! Then I got the blocks put together.  Oh my!!! I laid them out on my design wall and stood back.

Pretty good if I do say so myself.  So next step was to quilt the fabric.  I picked a fuzzy fabric for the back.  Not a thick pile, but perhaps when you are quilting your first quilt it might be a bit easier with a cotton back.  Aw well….live and learn I say.  Okay…now on to the quiliting.  Man oh man this is a lot harder than I thought I said to myself.  But I persevered.  Yeah me!!! Well it would have been yeah me if I had remembered to put the feed dogs down.  Teehee, live and learn again.  Then on to the binding.  I can’t remember what I did to the binding but I know that the lady at the quilt shop (who has since become a good friend) suggested that I remove it and start again.  Mmmmh, not good heh!! I did and here it is.  We love it in our family room.  It is so cozy in the winter.


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