This One or That One

This one or that one which should I start with today.  I started on my HST  (half square triangles). I am making wall hanging from a book on Shadow Quilts with my little quilting group called the SoBe’s.  We each have a turn picking a project and this is the one that one of the other girls picked for our first project.  I have all my regular blocks done and managed to get 6 of the 12 shadow blocks done.  Yeah me!!!

Next, I moved on to cutting all the fabric for a “Quilt a Long” that Crazy Mom Quilts is having on her blog.  She is up to Week 3 and I completed Week #1.  Yeah me again!!!!This is so fun.  I have never done a quiltalong.

Then I was on to cutting and putting on the final 2 borders for my dragon quilt.  Thought I might be short with the purple but I wasn’t.  Lucky me.  First the red, then the purple. Will show you the quilt in my next post.


Awww Maui

Honolua Bay, north of Kaanapali

Aw Maui….you gotta love it.  My HP (that’s DH except it’s handsome prince) and I took a week and off to Maui we went.  What can I say….WE LOVE HAWAII!!! What’s not to love.  Sun, sand, books to read and a cute little quilt store.  Yes, yes I am an addict.  A fabric addict.  And I love it.

I love all the bright colors!!


This was my first completed quilt.  I took a class at the local quilt shop.  The ladies there helped me pick the fabric.  Being a newbie, I thought, well I guess they know what they doing, but man I sure don’t like this combination.  Each individual fabric was great but together ewwww!!! Then I got the blocks put together.  Oh my!!! I laid them out on my design wall and stood back.

Pretty good if I do say so myself.  So next step was to quilt the fabric.  I picked a fuzzy fabric for the back.  Not a thick pile, but perhaps when you are quilting your first quilt it might be a bit easier with a cotton back.  Aw well….live and learn I say.  Okay…now on to the quiliting.  Man oh man this is a lot harder than I thought I said to myself.  But I persevered.  Yeah me!!! Well it would have been yeah me if I had remembered to put the feed dogs down.  Teehee, live and learn again.  Then on to the binding.  I can’t remember what I did to the binding but I know that the lady at the quilt shop (who has since become a good friend) suggested that I remove it and start again.  Mmmmh, not good heh!! I did and here it is.  We love it in our family room.  It is so cozy in the winter.

Confetti Landscape

The Boundary Bay Quilters Guild put on a class entitled “Confetti Landscape ”  Bring a picture and bring all your scraps to match the colors in your pictures, preferably batiks as they are the same color on both sides.  What fun!!! So off I went, not knowing what the heck we were going to do, but very excited nonetheless.  We quilters are an odd bunch.  Nod, nod.  I caught you nodding!!  So there we sat chopping up are scraps or pieces some of us had bought in to matchsticks, teeny squares,very teeny squares….just chopping to our hearts content.  So now we have many little piles of many colors. 

Next we take our batting and put a piece of material on the back.  Then to the creating.  We take our picture and use it as a guideline and start creating.  I added my trees first.  Then on to my little piles of different colors.  What fun…

Voila….the picture starts to take shape… Will keep you posted as to my progress.

My Shiny New Blog

I created “My Shiny New Blog” about 10 days ago but felt that I needed to have something momentous to blog about…

Well, nothing momentous happened so here I am blogging anyway.  I read so many amazing blogs and am blown away by the awesome talent of fellow quilters.  I have been quilting for about a year and a half and loving every minute of it.  I remember ripping out seams when I was making clothes for my kids and there were many “@##$$R%$%%%%^” , I think you get the idea.  Well, now with quilting it’s like, oh well…..

Right now I am working on a Dragon quilt for my beautiful, awesome, stupendous granddaughter. (You get the idea she’s very special…Right???). I will show you pictures of my work in progress.

This is a pattern that I ordered from Australia when my grandbaby asked for a Dragon Quilt.  It is appliqued (my first time) and then topstitched (my first time).  Am really enjoying doing it and learning a lot in the process.