My Shiny New Blog

I created “My Shiny New Blog” about 10 days ago but felt that I needed to have something momentous to blog about…

Well, nothing momentous happened so here I am blogging anyway.  I read so many amazing blogs and am blown away by the awesome talent of fellow quilters.  I have been quilting for about a year and a half and loving every minute of it.  I remember ripping out seams when I was making clothes for my kids and there were many “@##$$R%$%%%%^” , I think you get the idea.  Well, now with quilting it’s like, oh well…..

Right now I am working on a Dragon quilt for my beautiful, awesome, stupendous granddaughter. (You get the idea she’s very special…Right???). I will show you pictures of my work in progress.

This is a pattern that I ordered from Australia when my grandbaby asked for a Dragon Quilt.  It is appliqued (my first time) and then topstitched (my first time).  Am really enjoying doing it and learning a lot in the process.